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Sports Science Cell


The Sports Sciences Faculty (SSF) is the scientific back bone of all aspects of sporting performance at ASI, using advanced scientific techniques for performance development, training of sportsmen, physical conditioners and coaches.

The scientists in SSF include Sports Medicine specialists, Exercise Physiologist, Biomechanist, Sports Nutritionist, Sports Psychologist, Sports Physiotherapist, Biostastician and GTMT specialist.


Sports Science Faculty

The various facilities offered are

  1. Talent spotting and development by use of scientific protocols. (Watch Videos Talent Spotting I & Talent Spotting II)
  2. Talent monitoring by use of field analysis and Human performance lab. (Watch Videos Talent Monitoring I & Talent Monitoring II)
  3. Sports injury management and rehabilitation. (Watch Videos Injury Management I & Injury Management II)
  4. Human performance enhancement. (Watch Videos)
  5. Simulated Hypoxic chamber for high altitude training.
  6. Sports psychology lab and relaxation room. (Photos)
  7. Biomechanical evaluation and motion correction using 2 D and 3D motion analysis. (Watch Video)
  8. Performance nutrition lab. (Watch Video)
  9. Isokinetic muscle analysis lab. (Watch Video)
  10. Body composition analysis and diet counselling. (Watch Video)
  11. Hydrotherapy, Sauna, Steam and Contrast bath. (Photos)
  12. 20 bed ward with minor OT. (Photos)
  13. Rehabilitation Gym. (Watch Videos Gym I & Gym II)
  14. Training programme analysis and monitoring.

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