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Simulated Altitude Training Chamber


Army Sports Institute is a pioneer in the field of high altitude training for endurance athletes. This practice of high altitude training used to involve long periods of stay at places like Ooty or Ranikhet. Currently high altitude training is done at ASI by using this advanced Simulated Hypoxic chamber which enables hypoxic environment creation at the plains using a technique called Normobaric Hypoxia.

The simulated hypoxic chamber creates a hypoxic environment similar to that found at high altitudes without the disadvantageous low atmospheric pressure which is detrimental to high training loads. This unique facility enables athletes to be trained using “TRAIN LOW SLEEP HIGH” or “TRAIN HIGH SLEEP LOW” protocols depending on the sport and has proved to improve sporting performance significantly. ASI is a pioneer in using this training for combat sports like Boxing and Wrestling with efficacy studies underway. (Watch Video)

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