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Sports Cadet on meeting the Basic Qualitative Requirements to include passing class Xth with required percentage, attaining age of 17 ½ years, having excelled in his respective discipline and on being declared medically fit would certainly be recruited in the Army as a PBOR (Personnel Below officer Rank). Exceptional talent can be recruited also as a direct Havildar or Naib Subedar and out of turn accelerated promotions as per individual excellence and demonstrated performance. Major focus on lifestyle management and overall development of the sports cadets and help of specialists and NGO is being taken in this regards.

Minimum Qualification for Application :

  • Should be minimum 9 (nine) years of age while applying
  • Should not be above 16 (Sixteen) years of age at the time of final (Final) Induction
  • Rally at BSC ASI Pune. i.e (Not above 16 years one day and above)
  • Should have passed Class Vth (Special Cases meriting consideration will be seen on case to case basis)
  • Should be physically and medically fit
  • Should be Indian National only, or Nepalese domicile Gorkha as in the Indian Army

At Boys Sports Company, the Sports Cadet is rendered with the following :

  • Boarding and Lodging for 300 days per annum
  • Sports Kit
  • Accidental Insurance and Medical coverage
  • Exposure to Competitions
  • Education (CBSE) from class VIth to Xth
  • Training in sports and use of training aids
  • Training under highly qualified indian coaches and foreign international coaches
  • Miscellaneous activities

    a. Organized visits to establishments of national repute, like NDA etc.

    b. Organized outings

    c. Visit to exhibitions

    d. Exposure to International events

    e. Spoken english coaching and conversation classes

    f. Classes on manners, etiquettes and personality developments

    g. Further education oportunities in open schools and colleges as per aptitutude

  • Talent Scouting Team from ASI goes to selected geographical areas of the country on need basis to scout for the raw talent. Advertisements through Army Establishments and Civil Administration are given by the means of leaflets and radio for such kind of conduct of rallies. Talent identification is done on scientific norms and motor quality tests. A very wide canvas is being scanned for identification of talent, which ranges from National level SR., JR. and Sub Jr. competitions to district level competitions, Inter school competitions, local meets. From Boys Sports Coys to Sports Clubs and from Gurukuls to Akharas. A new initiative of conducting Inter SAI Regional competitions at ASI has been undertaken to enable us to screen and test the best available talent in the country. On short listing, the candidates are asked to report at Boys Sports Company, Army Sports Institute, Pune for Final Selection under the expertise of Board of Officers including highly qualified doctors, sports specialists and foreign national coaches as well.
  • The talent identifying process at ASI incls four steps, culminating either in acceptance of the sportsmen as ASI potential and subsequent recruitment as a direct entry Hav/JCO or rejection.

     a. Step 1 - Idenfying talent by coaches/scouting team from various venues listed above.

     b. Step 2 - Detailed 10-15 days performance, skill and technique evaluation at ASI by team comprising of OIC discipline, foreign coach and army coach.

     c. Step 3 - Independent evaluation by a sports sciences team comprising of sports medical specialist, physiologist, bio-mechanist and sports psychologist.

     d. Step 4 - Final decision by Commandant ASI based on advice rendered by OIC Training after collation of steps 2 and 3 reports.

  • However, despite selection as ASI potential, all sportsmen at ASI are retained on a six monthly performance evaluation report. Any sportsmen not proving true to assessed potential or not showing requisite improvement despite all efforts, is withdrawn from ASI.


1 Army 13578 1440 1325 295 39
2 Civil 11904 7357 5109 106 25
3 Boys 2720 455 342 197 17
TOTAL 28202 9252 6776 598 81


  • More than 2000 sports pers selected and trained at ASI in last two yrs as under evaluation athletes for periods varying 3 to 6 months.
  • 271 International medals won by trainees of the Institute till date include  medals   at Commonwealth Games, Commonwealth Youth Games, Asian Games, World Championships and World Military Games with Olympic qualifications in 2008 and Athens 2004 Beijing.
  • 1217 National medals won by trainees of the Institute.



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