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Our Vision : A Dream With Direction


"A Dream written down with a date

Becomes a Goal

A Goal broken down into steps

Become a Plan A Plan backed by Action makes your

Dream come true"




To achieve excellence in sports through long term visionary planning including all aspect of Talent Identification, nurturing under qualified staff who arte empowered through a structurerd HRD plan, infrastructural development to host national and international events, and above all creating a sustainable sports ecosystem which can be emulated by upcoming sports academies / universities in any state of India. The efforts are being made to ensure that the efficiency of the institute is graduated from what it is doing to what it is capable of doing . It is being done through igniting the minds to engage in 'Big Thinking' coupled with ownership, perseverance and passion. The plans of Tokoyo 2020 are already on the cards nad perspective planning of all aspects would be based on the ideology to provide a long term sustainable programme.




Mission Olympic Mission of Indian Army is one such mission which is empowering Indian Olympic quest and Army Sports Institute is being given directions directly by Director General of Military Training.

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