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The Specialists Perspectives


Mr. Roshan Adkitte, Sports Physiotherapist & Yoga Consultant

Sports physiotherapy is a specialized branch of physiotherapy field which plays vital role in Prehabilitation where the physiotherapist guides the athletes on- field to reduce the occurance of injuries and to avoid overtraining. Sports physiotherapist performs an important role in rehabilitation to treat injured and post operated athlete with various techniques like Manual therapy, Yoga therapy, Pilates Training, Kinesio taping, Dry Needling, Pool training, Proprioception training. Physiotherapy department at sports Sciences Faculty in Army Sports Institute is highly equipped with advanced Electrotherapeutic modalities, Rehabilitation Gym, Isokinetic dynamometer, Isometric Evaluation system, T- Force dynamic measurement system with Smith’s machines and Force platform analyzer, TRX Techniques.


Mr. Roshan Adkitte has specialized in the field of Sports Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation with Masters degree from GNDU, Amritsar (Punjab). In Army Sports Institute, Sports Physiotherapists are working as team members of Sports Sciences Faculty towards the maximum benefit of athletes. A Key Result Area is to educate athletes, coaches & conditioner about the mechanism of injury and techniques for its prevention.


Karanbir Singh

Mr. Karanbir Singh, Sports Psychologist

Sport psychology is study of  sports behavior.  It is an interdisciplinary field where psychology, exercise physiology and kinesiology interact. Sports Psychology deals with psychological factors that affect performance in sport and how participation in particular sport affects psychological factors.  
Karanbir Singh passed Masters with a Gold Medal in Sports Psychology from Dept of Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. As a sports Pysochologist he studies psychological factors that affect performance in sport and how participation in particular sport affects pysochology of participant.  He sees sportsmen from various age groups, some beginners and others elite and mature.
He deals with problems like Competitive fear and anxiety, Stress, Emotional problems, Mood problems,  Overtraining and Burnout,  Injury,  Attention focus problems Lack of confidence,  Lack of motivation, Eating Disorders, Aggression and Impulse Control problems Doping and Drug Abuse problems. He helps players with performance enhancement and mental skill training, anxiety and stress management,  concentration and mental preparation,  overtraining and burnout help,  team building and leadership,  communication skills and conflict resolution,  health and wellness coaching,  recovery and restoration, injury rehabilitation. He uses tools like psychological assessment with Testing. He conducts educational lectures for coaches, sports staff and players on daily basis.



Aradhana Sharma

Mrs. Aradhana Sharma, Sports Nutritionist

For optimum athletes need to pay attention to what, when and how much to eat. For sports training not only the healthy food is important but also the type of food is important. Athletes also need to know what dietary modifications are required for various phases of their training cycle. A healthy and balanced diet supports the athletes not only to train better but also to recover fast. Nutrient timings are very important for sports training. There are sport specific dietary recommendations for different sports. Just like the training programs differ for different categories of sports, the diet and nutrient timing are also different. Taking care of daily nutrition and hydration needs athletes can ensure the energy levels are up and also avoid few common complaints like early onset of fatigue, muscle cramps, headache etc.
Mrs. Aradhana Sharma has been working in Sports Sciences Faculty of ASI since June 2011. She counsels individuals and groups on regular basis to improve performance. Body composition analysis reports of all athletes of seven different disciplines are maintained. She also guides the athletes about dietary supplements and safe use of supplements. She conducts regular knowledge sharing sessions for coaches and conditioners of all the disciplines. She has improved the menu in sports mess and BSC mess to provide better nutrition to the sportsmen training in ASI. To ensure the nutrition on the go she also developed the recipe for sports nutrition bars that are prepared fresh in sports mess and given to the athletes when they travel out of ASI for competition.



Uma mahajan



Mrs. Uma Mahajan, Biostatistician

Statistics plays a vital role in sports science and medicine research. Sports science and medicine research includes identifying or selecting adolescent children for various sports disciplines; talent development i.e. train them rigorously to develop an elite athletes; sports injuries and treatment; continuous monitoring of the athletes to assess their physical and physiological fitness, biomechanical i.e. motor qualities, nutrition intake; and most important performances in the competitive games and psychological stress before and during these games.
Uma Mahajan has master degrees in Statistics, Pune university and Population Sciences, IIPS, Mumbai. She has also done ‘Fundamentals of Epidemiology’ from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, UK. Uma is working as Biostatistician from the last 9 years at Army Sports Institute (ASI) in Sports Sciences Faculty. She developed norms for new talent hunt, physiological and physical test. She has analyzed physiological, nutritional, psychological and injuries data and developed multivariate regression models, composite index for ranking of elite athletes.


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