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The Specialists Perspectives


Mr. Roshan Adkitte, Sports Physiotherapist & Yoga Consultant

Sports physiotherapy is a specialized branch of physiotherapy field which plays vital role in Prehabilitation where the physiotherapist guides the athletes on- field to reduce the occurance of injuries and to avoid overtraining. Sports physiotherapist performs an important role in rehabilitation to treat injured and post operated athlete with various techniques like Manual therapy, Yoga therapy, Pilates Training, Kinesio taping, Dry Needling, Pool training, Proprioception training. Physiotherapy department at sports Sciences Faculty in Army Sports Institute is highly equipped with advanced Electrotherapeutic modalities, Rehabilitation Gym, Isokinetic dynamometer, Isometric Evaluation system, T- Force dynamic measurement system with Smith’s machines and Force platform analyzer, TRX Techniques.


Mr. Roshan Adkitte has specialized in the field of Sports Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation with Masters degree from GNDU, Amritsar (Punjab). In Army Sports Institute, Sports Physiotherapists are working as team members of Sports Sciences Faculty towards the maximum benefit of athletes. A Key Result Area is to educate athletes, coaches & conditioner about the mechanism of injury and techniques for its prevention.









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